Friday, May 1, 2009


Today is May 1 Labour Day here, everyone has a day of from work and all our shops are closed..

Finally my VERY VERY speciale ordered souvenir sheetlet arrived yesterday... And I like it a lot!! Everything about Antarctica fascinates me and I'm proud of this Belgian achievement...

On the occasion of the official opening of the new Belgian Antarctic base "Princess Elisabeth" on 15 februari 2009 the Belgian Post, in cooperation with Polar Foundation brings out a unique "Antarctic Souvenir". Pictured on it is the new Belgian station, and it is stamped (postmarked) on Antarctica at the day of the official opening. It is a limited edition!!

This Belgian project is the only polar base that runs completely on renewable energy sources. It will be a place where the impact of climate change and Antarctics impact on the global climate is studied under the leadership of Alain Hubert!(The souvenir is signed by Alain Hubert)

Once back in Belgium they received an extra postmark on the back side.

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