Monday, May 11, 2009

ANTARCTICA ~ Chilean Antarctica ~

Received two totally different beautiful places today qua scenery and most of all qua temperatures... But still ... I would love to visit them both! :):)

Isla Peterman is a lonely island with a sheltered harbour.This little outcrop of Antarctica is known for its red and green algaes in the snow and hosts a "bazillion" of penguins.


  1. Costa Rica or Antarctica, though choice, but I do like the funny penguins :-)

  2. How did u get a card from Antarctica ?Its so cool .Are you in postcrossing you much check it out its awesome .You'll like it

    1. Yes, I'm already 6 years on "postcrossing" (taking a break for a while now) But most of my wonderful cards are coming from private swaps with so nice people from all over the world or friends travelling to all this amazing places...