Friday, April 24, 2009


I got two cards from so totally different countries today... A really beautiful map card from Russia and a card with amazing nature views from the Dominican Republic!
...Is someone still looking for a ideal summer holiday this year? I think I found it... Wow!! What a tropical paradise. :):)

The Dominican Republic is a large tropical island that sits between the Atlantic and the Caribbean sea. It has become the Caribbeans leading tourist destination.

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  1. Hello from Pakistan!
    Happy Postcard Friendship Friday!!!

    I want to swap a postcard with world UNESCO heritage site from your country. Can you send me one such card?
    In return I can send you a nice postcard with beautiful landscape from Pakistan - which I think will be a great addition in your collection?

    You can leave me a comment at

    We can also make a blog link exchange if you are interested....

    Best Regards
    Yours Cheema