Tuesday, February 3, 2009


My first envelop this week, 7 gorgeous cards from Turkey of which 4 new UNESCO sites. Unfortunately without real stamps on the envelope...(Next time I must ask for using interesting stamps...)
Most of the people I know are only going to Turkey for its sun.. beaches... but there is so much more to see. If ever I could visit all those historic places from the cards...

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Turkey is one of those places where there seems to be almost too much history. This is where the Trojan War and the Battle of Gallipoli took place, where the Byzantine Empire rose and fell, where the apostle Paul was born, where Hittites, Bythinians, Thracian's, Greeks, Romans, Turkomans, and Ottomans built cities and empires. It was once called Asia Minor, and it has long been a crossroads for the world.

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