Thursday, February 19, 2009

SPAIN ~Santiago de Compastela -Unesco~

Received an envelope with five wonderful UNESCO cards from Spain. I have read and heard many stories from people who did this journey from Belgium to Santiago de Compostela al walking or by bicycle (about 2.300km) for lots of different reasons...

In our hedie life, people are looking for inner peace and harmony, for a deeper sense and a more meaningful way of life. The journey itself brings peace to the inner self. This experience has a beneficial influence on the soul.

Santiago de Compostela was proclaimed the first European Cultural itinerary by the Council of Europe in 1987. This route from the French-Spanish border was – and still is – taken by pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela. Some 1,800 buildings along the route, both religious and secular, are of great historic interest. The route played a fundamental role in encouraging cultural exchanges between the Iberian peninsula and the rest of Europe during the Middle Ages. It remains a testimony to the power of the Christian faith among people of all social classes and from all over Europe

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