Thursday, February 5, 2009

No cards today... Only my ordered book: "EEN REIS DOOR DE 20st EEUW IN 80 POSTZEGELS"="A JOURNEY THROUGH THE 20th CENTURY IN 80 STAMPS" arrived today. And because I love to post here something every day, here it is.... Each stamp is a small beautiful picture and on the base of the 4 sheets of stamps you can make a very interesting journey through history!

SET NR1: "Famous people"&Sports and free time"

SET NR2:"War and Peace"&"Art

SET NR3:"Engineering and science."

SET NR4: "Society and social life"&"Daily life".

1 comment:

  1. im not a stamp collector but i truly appreciate great stamps! the collection here is absolutely great! A James Joyce stamp! Lenin! Che Guevara! Edit Piaf! Mandela! Chaplin! Andy Warhol!!!! Maria Callas! What a collection!
    The Concentration Camp one gave me the shivers though...