Sunday, February 15, 2009


No mail on sunday....Found this interesting explanation about HERITAGE by surfing on the net and want to share it with all of you who visit my blog and also love and collect UNESCO cards:

Heritage is our legacy from the past which is with us in our contemporary life and what we shall transfer to future generations. Both our cultural and natural heritage are irreplaceable sources of life and inspiration. Any natural and cultural World Heritage should not only be protected but also taken advantage of.
Any site belonging to World Heritage represents a huge interests for tourists and is of an outstanding value to humanity....

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  1. nice post!
    the UNESCO whs are somewhat amazing. Whats most intriguing to me is how the final decisions are made whether something should or shouldnt enter the UNESCO whs list. Im not expert on making those assets but sometimes i really wonder why some sites arent on the list and why some are....and if its possible to obtain a postcard from every single one of them :)