Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Belgian stamps

Oooops... As usual I went over my budget, bought tooo many stamps! But the good thing is... I can send lots of postcards... :) :)
Last year we celebrated the 50 anniversary of the smurfs, one of Belgiums most famous cartoons.

A sheet showing animals from the "weasel family".


  1. wow these are great! what are their value, is it only one stamp per postcard?

  2. Their value is for sending in Belgium. I use mostly two stamps (that is more than the normal value for Europe) for people who really like them. Unfortunateley they are no longer available.
    In Belgium we can only order stamps two years back...So they are becoming very rare!! But I have a few of those smurfstamps left. Just let me know if you want a postcard or cover. I'm happy to send them to you. ^__^

  3. Just want to show you a new sheetlet with all famous Belgium cartoon figures:Belgium cartoonland.
    This one I can order!!(are from 2012)

  4. oh wow that would be awesome, especially a cover! in return i can send something from ecuador :) i try not to do too many swaps here but these stamps are definately worth it..! :))