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GERMANY ~ Codex Egberti - Trier - UNESCO ~

...  View of a jewel of medieval book art... the 10thC "Codex Egberti" is the oldest and most extensive cycle of illustrations of the life of Jesus in a book (51 narrative pictures)... the postcard shows a dedicatory picture of "Egbertus" and two monks at Egbert's feet, Kerald and Heribert of Reichenau... the colours are vibrant and the gold shines almost like in the old days... the Egbert Codex is on display at the treasury of the City Library...  it is quite rightly counted among the treasures of humanity... Thanks Dustin!ヽ(ヅ)ノ 

The "Codex Egberti" is one of the central main works of the Ottonian era (919–1024). The manuscript was named after its sponsor, the Trier Archbishop Egbert. The bishop, who died in 993, is known as a great patron of art, culture and science. 

The document was created in Trier on the island of Reichenau and has been listed as part of UNESCO’s Memory of the World since 2004.

Based on its content, the document is in the category of pericopes. It contains extracts from the gospels which are read out at mass.

The Treasury of the Trier City Research Library holds treasures of rare books of the greatest value and international ranking. 


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