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... Lovely views of a beautiful small medieval and well-preserved trading town along the Vistula river... one of the oldest cities in Poland... because Torun and its many architectural treasures escaped destruction during the World Wars nothing had to be rebuilt in the aftermath of these terrible events... that's why you’ll be seeing some of the country’s best medieval buildings.... it is the birthplace (1473) of the astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus (Mikołaj Kopernik) and the seat of Nicolaus Copernicus University, as well as several scientific societies, museums, and theaters...Thanks a lot Kamilla!【ツ】

Toruń is a city in north-central Poland. The city was founded in 1233 and originally located by a crossing on the Vistula River  in Old Torun. There, the Teutons built their first settlement in the Land of Chełmno - according to a legend - on a mighty oak, and then located a town, which was soon relocated to its present site in 1236  due to recurrent floods.

In 1997, the Old Town Complex was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and consists of three parts: the Old Town, the New Town and the Castle of the Teutonic Order. 


Forest Fruits 1968
(Issued 17-03-1977)

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