Friday, January 21, 2022

BELGIUM ~ Greetings from Flemish Brabant ~

...Still posting postcards from last year😊... another nice Postcardsmarket series postcard... Belgian provinces "MOTW" (Maps of the World)  showing some highlights and interesting facts about the province... Belgium is divided into 10 provinces... each province has a capital... the university city of Leuven is the capital and largest city of the province of Flemish Brabant...with great stamp showing an engraving of the train arriving in Brussels in 1846... and with lovely first day postmark celebrating the 175th Anniversary of the Paris - Brussels Rail Connection👍... after two years I was hoping to visit the first Bpost event of 2022 not so far from where I live tomorrow... unfortunately it's been cancelled and I think we all now the reason why by now😔... Thanks a lot Johan!¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Flemish Brabant  is the youngest and smallest province of the Flemish Region, one of the three regions of Belgium. It covers the Dutch-speaking northern part of the former province of Brabant. Flemish Brabant also completely surrounds the Brussels-Capital Region, which forms an enclave within the territory of the province.


175 Years Rail Connection Paris - Brussels 
(Issued 25-10-2021)

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